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The 10 Day Ultimate NLP Master Practitioner Course

*New Dates for 2019*

Dates: Module one: March 23rd - 27th, Module two: April 20th - 24th, 2019
Venue: Glasgow (The Radisson Red)
Cost: £2497 (inc VAT) (Early Bird Discount Available)
Deposit: £200 (with remainder to be paid 2 weeks prior to course start)
Certification body: The Society of NLP


Available to Practitioners of NLP only, the 10 day Licensed NLP Master Practitioner will take your NLP skills to the next level and beyond. During this life changing 10 days you will learn how to become a true master of NLP. The Licensed NLP Master Practitioner is all about building on the principles learned during the Practitioner course, learning more and using them in a highly skilful and creative way.

Here are just some of the many areas that we will be covering on our Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Course:

  • Rapport - Learn advanced Rapport building techniques.
  • Beliefs - Learn how to change limiting beliefs conversationally. Learn how a person's beliefs fit together into a system and how you can use this to achieve greater levels of productivity and happiness. Learn Sleight of Mouth patterns.
  • Advanced Use of Anchors - Learn to use anchors in a sequence in order to achieve more elegant and powerful change. Master conversation anchors: - Influence people unconsciously using spatial anchors.
  • Advanced Use of Meta Programs - Learn more meta program distinctions and how you can utilise them in your communication. Learn how different meta programs work together and how this is important when predicting how someone will act and behave.
  • Advanced Use of Meta Model - Learn how to use the Meta Model with precision and ease.
  • Advanced Use of the Milton Model - Master Milton Erickson's use of hypnotic language.
  • Advanced Use of Sub Modalities - Master the fine distinctions of your own and other people's internal world in order to create a happier, healthier and more productive life.
  • Metaphors - Learn how to use Isomorphic and Homomorphic Metaphors to create change and learning in others.
  • Values - Learn how to elicit values and use them to create a sense of fulfilment for yourself and others. Learn how to change your values and assist others to do likewise.
  • Hypnotic Phenomenon - Learn how to create hypnotic phenomenon such as time distortion, negative and positive hallucinations with ease.
  • Unconscious Set-ups - Learn how to influence someone covertly with the use of unconscious set-ups. Find out how you can make any NLP Technique more powerful using set-ups.
  • Modelling - Learn how to carry out an advanced modelling project. Learn various different ways to model excellence.


Course Structure

The Course is made up of two modules, with each consisting of 5 days. There is a break of approximately one month in between each module. During this month you will be required to carry out home study work including a modelling project of your choice.


Course Certification Governing Body

When you complete our 10 Day Licensed NLP Master Practitioner Course you will gain certification through the Society of NLP, the oldest and largest NLP quality control organisation in the world. Your certificate will be sent to the USA where it will be personally signed by the co-creator himself, Dr Richard Bandler.


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If you would like to know more get in touch through our on-line contact form and a member of our team will get in touch to answer any questions you have. Or to book, pay your deposit through this link:


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