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The 7 Day Ultimate NLP Practitioner Course

Dates: 4th - 10th May, 2019
Venue: Glasgow (The Radisson Red)
Investment: £1,897 (inc VAT) (early bird price available - please contact for more info)
Deposit: £225

The Scottish Centre of NLP's dedication to helping you become a superior NLP Practitioner means that our NLP Syllabus is varied and diverse.

Here is just a taster of the incredible things you will learn and discover:

  • Rapport - The key skill behind every expert communicator.
  • Outcomes - How to set goals and outcomes that matter to you, motivate you and that you will achieve.
  • Patterns of Language - Effortlessly influence any conversation to create incredible outcomes.
  • Milton Model - Learn the language of the unconscious mind and use it to create change at the deepest level.
  • Meta Model - Ask the key questions that move people from stuck to choice in seconds.
  • Submodalities - Change internal neurological coding in minutes to create massive shifts in behaviour.
  • Swish Pattern - Change habits and unwanted states in seconds.
  • Representational Systems - Hear and utilise the hidden linguistic clues in language.
  • Strategies - Elicit, decipher, install and redesign the repeatable behavioural patterns every human being uses.
  • Anchoring - Install simple trigger devices in any context that will immediately trigger your choice of feeling or state.
  • Perceptual Positions - How to influence and facilitate shifts in perception by changing your unconscious filters.
  • Parts - Permanently silence any internal conflict once and for all.
  • TimeLine Interventions - The fastest way to incredible change. Travel back in 'time' and create instant choices and freedom from the past.


Course Trainers

One of the reasons why the Scottish Centre of NLP's NLP Practitioner Course is so powerful is that it combines the talents and skills of the two leading NLP Trainers and Coaches in Scotland. Steven Burns (Solutions in Mind) and Brian Costello (Headstrong NLP) combine to bring you the benefit of their 20 years experience in the field.


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I have now attended three brilliant courses delivered by Steve and Brian and am very much looking forward to more in the New Year. The guys have an excellent delivery style that is professional while also managing to be informal, relaxed and friendly. Tom Marner

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