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The Art of Public Speaking Weekend

Dates: June 22nd - 23rd 2013
Venue: The Nevis Room, The Marriot, Glasgow
Investment: £397
Deposit: £50

The fear of public speaking ranks, in many polls, above death as people's greatest fear, however, the ability to stand confidently in front of a group and speak is now a required ingredient of success in any field. Basically, if you want to make it, you need to be able to speak to people.

That's why it's time to do something about it now.

Over two days you will be taught the skills of supremely confident public speaking by two of Scotland's most confident, charismatic and developed presenters, Brian Costello and Steven Burns.

With over 20 years of public speaking experience between them, speaking to groups from small teams to hundreds of people at any one time, plus a background in the life changing skills of NLP, these guys know better than anyone how to help you over your fear and onto that stage with effortless ease. And it is totally possible to do in only 2 days.

This is no ordinary public speaking course. You will not learn how to design a powerpoint slide. You will not learn how to imagine your audience naked! You will not learn how to 'hide' your nerves.

You will learn the amazing skills and techniques used by top speakers that empower you to easily stand in front of a group, speak confidently about your subject, be yourself as you speak and allow your personality to shine through everything you do and finally banish that fear forever.

There is simply noone better to learn this from. Expect 2 days of life changing skills and experiences.

When you attend 'The Art of Public Speaking' you will learn:

  • How to hold a powerful & resourceful state of mind and body when presenting in front of an audience
  • How to hold rapport with an audience throughout a full presentation
  • How to always know what to say next
  • How to use your voice to fully express what you are trying to say
  • The key to holding onto your personality when delivering presentations
  • How every top speaker handles nerves
  • When it's good to be conversational and when it's not
  • Ways to handle simple objections elegantly and effortlessly
  • Being prepared for anything when on the stage


Bookings for The Art of Public Speaking are open right now and a £50 deposit will secure your place. Click below and banish your fears of public speaking forever.


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I have now attended three brilliant courses delivered by Steve and Brian and am very much looking forward to more in the New Year. The guys have an excellent delivery style that is professional while also managing to be informal, relaxed and friendly. Tom Marner

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